Safe School Zone

To support the mission and beliefs of the Lammersville Unified School District, we strive for a safe, respectful and nurturing learning environment where students are empowered to achieve through strong connectedness to their school and community. Working together with our community partners, we will provide a safe campus environment by effectively identifying and addressing issues that deteriorate our schools’ social and physical climate.

If you are interested in being a part of our Safety Committee, please contact Thorsten Harrison at Safety Committee Contact

2017-2018 Safety Commitee Members

Thorsten Harrison Associate Superintendent
Mr. Matthew Balzarini Governing School Board President
Jenn Lanza Administrative Assistant to the Associate Superintendent
Irene Busuttil Administrator of Student Services, Principal of Lammersville Elementary
James LeGrande Director of Maintenance, Operations & Transportation
Ryan Gonzales Principal, Wicklund Elementary
Joni Hellstrom Vice Principal, Mountain House High School
Jennifer Bogle Vice Principal, Bethany Elementary
Jennifer Duran Vice Principal, Questa Elementary
Joel Robinson L.U.S.D. - S.R.D.
Glenna Kiswani Office Supervisor, MHHS
Larry Silveira Maintenance
Levinia Woods Athletic Director
Jayme Nicklaw Teacher, Bethany Elementary
Thomas Lee Teacher, Altamont Elementary
Alecia Kelley Teacher, MHHS

LUSD Safe Schools Plan 2017-18
LUSD Safety Board Policy

LUSD Full Scale Safety Exercise 2016

Tracy Press Article - Emergency Drill Tests School 03-18-16

Big Drill - Tracy Press Photo