Information Technology

On-Line Kindergarten Registration for New Students

July 1, 2015

New students needing to register for the 2015-16 school year can register on-line. The document below has information on what is needed to register on-line. The demo is geared towards the high school but the internet registration information . . .read more

Parent Portal

Welcome to Parent Portal!  Parent Portal is an on-line system that allows parents and students in grades 6-8 the ability to view their student’s academic progress.  This system opens a channel of communication that allows parents . . .read more

Welcome to the Department of Information Technology

Department Mission: Enhancing teaching, learning, and the District mission through technology. The Information Technology Department seeks to provide quality I.T. products and services to the District. This site is . . . read more

Lammersville Technology Sustainability Plan

Lammersville Request for Proposal#2017-WAN Services
Q & A for Proposal#2017-WAN Services

Notice to Vendor's - Request for Proposals

Lammersville Request for Proposal#2017-AV

Lammersville Request for Proposal#2017-AV - System Description

Lammersville USD RFP NO 017 UPS Upgrade

RFP NO 017 Q & A Addendum #1