Science Committee

Our Science Committee is made up of our wonderful science teachers from grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.  The Committee helps provide content knowledge and support to principals and school staff.

Committee Members:

1st Grade Charmaine Ehrhart and Anna Olagues
2nd Grade Lisa Scaffidi and Susanne Twisselmann
3rd Grade Jill Waters and Janelle de la Motte
4th Grade Katherine Shultz , Anna Ripken and Dana Weld
5th Grade Nicole Kangas, Alison Mooney and Ellaine Volmer
6th Grade Elizabeth Maric and Kimberly Clegg
7th Grade Jenna Burnside
7th & 8th Grade Thomas Lee, David Hall and Mena Parmar

High School Donna Earle
Lauren Savage
Kristin Olson
Nicoled Whitman
Michael Shea