High School Testing

Mountain House High School 2017-2018

CAASPP 11th April 23rd - 27th
CAST 12th April 23rd - 27th
MAP Testing 9th - 12th August 10th & August 11th
  9th - 12th January 10th & January 11th
  9th - 12th May 8th & May 9th
PSAT /NMSQT 10th & 11th  October 14th 
PSAT10 10th February 28th
PSAT 8th/9th 8th & 9th March 10th
AP 10th, 11th & 12th May 7th - 17th
May 7th
Spanish Language & Physics 1   May 8th
English Literature   May 9th
 U.S. Government   May 10th
 U.S. History and Computer Science Principals   May 11th
Biology   May 14th
Calculus AB & BC   May 15th
English Language Comp   May 16th
World History and Stats   May 17th 
Fitness Gram All Freshman and any students who have not passed in prior years Testing window is from February 1st - May 31 (MHHS will test during March)
ASVAB 10th - 12th TBD
Finals 9th - 12th May 23rd - 25th