Volunteer Information

Thank you for your decision to become a volunteer in the Lammersville Unified School District. Below are the steps to take to complete this process.

STEP 1: You may download a volunteer application from website or pick up your volunteer form from school site office.
Volunteer Application Request Form E 1240.pdf
STEP 2: Return the completed form to your student’s school office, along with proof of a negative TB test. 
TB test within 60 days, per Ed Code 49406.
OR you may submit TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire (You can obtain this from your physician)
STEP 3: Human Resources will contact you to arrange a time to come in and have your driver’s license scanned into the system.
If you are a Type B you will need to be fingerprinted and HR will provide you with the paperwork to be fingerprinted at the most convenient live scan facility.  There is a fee associated with this.

4: You will be notified via email by Human Resources when you volunteer application has been approved. School sites will also be notified as well.

Helpful Information:
AR1240 Volunteers 100114.pdf
BP1240 Volunteers.pdf
Letter to Community - Updated Volunteer Policy 120114.pdf
Volunteer Policy FAQ 120414.pdf
TB Risk Assessment Form.pdf