Know of Anyone Interested in Becoming a Substitute Teacher:
We Need Your Help!

Our district is working hard to develop plans to make our quality education here in Mountain House, even better! Improving the quality of education means providing professional development for our teachers. Professional development training means providing QUALITY substitute teachers for our students while their teachers are out. Lammersville Unified School District is recruiting for substitute teachers year round. Even if you can only substitute a few times each school year, your help is needed.

Qualifying to substitute teach is easier than you might think. If you possess a Bachelors Degree in any area of study and are willing to take the CBEST exam, which is a very simple basic skills test, we need you! 

If you have questions, please contact Athena Rios at the District Office at 209.836.7400.
Signing up to become a substitute teacher in our schools is a paid position that is a great way to help our schools become even more successful!

The links below provide basic credentialing information, information on how to register for the CBEST, and a link to the actual job posting for substitute teachers.

Credential Info:
Register for CBEST:
Job Posting: 


Substitute Teacher Compensation Schedule 12.7.16.pdf