Common Core » Music


Each kindergarten through 4th grade student receives 30 minutes a week of music instruction.

All fifth grade students choose between instrumental or vocal music instruction. Students meet for band or choir twice weekly.

Middle School Band is offered through the afternoon elective wheel, Monday - Thursday. Students can choose a choir class that is a four day a week pull out.

Band and Choir students perform a traditional band and choir repertoire.

Kindergarten through 3rd grade students use a variety of classroom instruments such as xylophones, rhythm sticks, hand drums, boomwhackers and ukuleles. Fourth grade students learn to play the recorder. Fifth grade students choose between band and choir.
Below is a list of music curriculum used.
Music Staff Members
Altamont: Devon DeCarie
Bethany:  Susan Heinrich
Hansen: Daniel Andrade
Lammersville: Heather Small
Questa: Sharaya Galbraith
Wicklund: Kalei Cablay
Mountain House High School: Troy Rexelle