October 2015  
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2015-16 Canvas- A Technology program overview

Webisode: Canvas

Last year as part of our LCAP,  our Board adopted aTechnology Sustainability Plan that will allow our district to meet the demandscoming from the State that we transition our educational program to a Collegeand Career focused, 21st Century classroom model. The new Stateassessment CAASPP is a computer adaptive assessment that requires students tobe assessed using a computer; there are no more paper and pencil stateassessments. We are also utilizing a number of programs that require ourstudents to interact with technology using classroom Chromebooks such asMeasures of Academic Progress (MAP), Compass Learning, Blended Learning, andCanvas. Our goal is to slowly increase student classroom access to Chromebooksuntil our district has one computer for every child. Our intent is to meet thisgoal by the year 2018. At present we are 1:1 for grades 7-12; 2:1 for grades4-6; and 3:1 for grades K-3. Our Technology Sustainability Plan has mapped outour technology needs for the coming years. Included in this effort is theexpectation that technology sustainability is part of our budget process. Thisensures that we can maintain the program laid out in our LCAP and so we areprepared as our district continues its rapid growth in student population.

The attached webisode is a comprehensive overview of oneprogram being used in our district, Canvas- a Learning Management System.Canvas is being used by our teachers in grades 7-12. The Education ServicesDepartment has presented two parent evenings over the past couple of weeks toeducate parents on how Canvas is being used to assist the education of ourstudents grades 7-12. This webisode was recorded for parents or communitymembers who may have missed those events.

I want to thank Brian Gervase for his efforts in puttingthis together. If you have any question regarding Canvas and its use pleasecontact the Education Services Department for more information.

Canvas Parent Information Training


Dr. Nicholas

CAASPP 2015 Announcement

CAASPP Webisode 2 September 11, 2015

Introduction to MAP Testing

​2015 CAASPP Assessment Results Presentation

What's Happening

On-Line Pre-Registration for New Students

We are currently accepting pre-registration of all new students for the 2015-2016 school year online. If you have a transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, high school senior, or any student new to the Lammersville Unified School District, please ensure to register your child as soon as possible.

The document below has information on what is needed to register on-line. The demo is geared towards the high school but the internet registration information applies to all students.

Paper registration will be available at a later date - TBA.

Pre-Registration Information
AERIES Internet Registration Page
AERIES Internet Registration Demo



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