The Curriculum Team

H Sherburn
Heather Sherburn
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Assessment, & Technology
R Beltran
Ruby Beltran
Administrative Assistant
Coordinators of Instruction and Technology Integration
Meet Our Coordinators
K Borncamp      J Cook     T Bodenmiller
  Katrina Borncamp                  Jenna Cook                   Teresa Bodenmiller
K Eaquinto     G Rodriguez     K Ward
    Kristin Eaquinto             Gabriella Rodriguez               Kristin Ward
Our coordinators are a team with a passion for education. Their willingness to work together produces the best content for teachers.  They help guide instruction through small group strategies, Blended Learning, engagement techniques, modeling instruction, and integrating 21st Century skills. Our coordinators are available to meet teachers one-on-one and visit classrooms to assist with best instructional practices with technology use.  They are always motivated to achieve excellence and have fun.