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  Welcome to the Student Services Department
 Irene Busuttil   Irene Busuttil, Executive Director of Student Services 
 April Birtola   April Birtola, Administrative Assistant 
 Kristie Karle   Kristie Karle, Office Supervisor  
 Beth Sorensen   Beth Sorensen, District Registered Nurse                    
 Sarada   Sarada Karthik, Student Services Counselor
 image  Ligia Hernandez, Student Services Counselor
 image  Jamani Woods, Restorative Practices Specialist
 image  Sophia Dias, Restorative Practices Specialist

Student Services offers resources, support, and information to enhance a student's experience in Lammersville Unified School District. The well-being, safety, and attendance of the students within LUSD is a top priority.  We assist families in connecting with school and community resources to address issues which may be affecting your child’s school attendance.  

Student Services provides support in the following areas:
  • Discipline
  • Enrollment, Residency, Inter and Intra-District Transfers
  • Foster Youth
  • McKinney-Vento
  • Safety
  • School Attendance and Truancy
  • School Attendance Review Board (SARB)
  • Wellness


We, the Student Services Department at Lammersville Unified School District, are dedicated to the academic success of our students.  We recognize the need to support the understanding and acceptance of the cultural diversity that is part of our school, community, country, and world.  Our mission is built upon the belief that each student is a unique individual with the capacity to learn, change and grow academically and behaviorally.  We promote attendance and a positive school climate by focusing on the whole child, providing critical support services and removing barriers to learning.