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Independent Study

Independent Study


The Governing Board authorizes independent study as an optional alternative instructional
strategy for eligible students whose needs may be best met through study outside of the regular
classroom setting. Independent study shall offer a means of individualizing the educational plan
to serve students who desire a more challenging educational experience, whose health or other
personal circumstances make classroom attendance difficult, who are unable to access course(s)
due to scheduling problems, and/or who need to make up credits or fill gaps in their learning. As
necessary to meet student needs, independent study may be offered on a full-time basis or on a
part-time basis in conjunction with part- or full-time classroom study.

The Superintendent or designee may provide a variety of independent study opportunities,
including, but not limited to, through a program or class within a comprehensive school, an
alternative school or program of choice, a charter school, a home-based format, and an online


Short-term Independent Study Policy:


  • A student must be absent from school a minimum of five (5) consecutive school days in order to qualify for short-term Independent Study.
  • The short-term Independent Study contract may not extend for a period longer than fourteen (14) school days.
  • The student/parent must notify the school administrator of intentions to go on a trip or to be absent for other non-medical reasons at least ten (10) school days prior to the absence.
  • Students whose achievement is below grade level standards, based on multiple measures, in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, or Math may not be eligible for short-term Independent Study.
  • Students referred to SART or SARB may not be eligible for short-term Independent Study.
  • Students may not be on short-term independent study more than six times while in grades K-12.
  • Students who have previously been granted an Independent Study Agreement and have not successfully completed a previous Independent Study agreement are not eligible for any subsequent short-term Independent Study agreements.
  • No Short Term Independent Study agreements will be issued for the first twenty (20) school days of the year.
  • No Short-Term Independent Study agreements will be issued for the last twenty (20) days of the school year.



 For additional information on our Independent Study, please review the below District Policies: