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Lammersville Elementary Online (LEO) Program

Who is Eligible for Long-term Independent Study?
  • "A pupil whose health would be put at risk by in-person instruction, as determined by their parent/guardian."
  • Students with an adult Learning Coach at home committed to being an educational partner.
  • Students with a completed/signed Independent Master Agreement for the current school year.
New Requirements for Long-term Independent Study
  • Parent/guardians have a right to a pupil-parent-educator conference prior to enrollment
  • Master agreement must be signed by all parties
  • Daily instructional time--"synchronous" and/or "asynchronous"
    • TK-K: 180 minutes
    • 1st-3rd:  230 minutes
    • 4th-8th:  240 minutes
    • 9th-12th:  240 minutes 
  • TK-3 daily "synchronous" instruction
  • 4-8 daily "live interaction" and weekly "synchronous" instruction
  • Must ensure connectivity of devices
  • Aligned content
  • Regular meetings to review student progress prior to removal from the independent study program
  • Re-engagement strategies for those not attending or progressing
  • Must provide an expeditious return to in-person learning upon request--5 instructional days
    • Placement at school of residence is not guaranteed--student placement is based on available space
  • Maintain records of attendance and work completion
  • Data reporting in CALPADS
  • Update existing board policies
If you would like additional information, please contact Lammersville Elementary School at (209) 836-7220.
Tiered Re-engagement Plan

Tier 1:  All students start at this tier. Students remain on this tier if they are making satisfactory educational progress and attending scheduled sessions as assigned.

Engagement Plan: Regularly assigned live sessions, Edgenuity assignments, and scheduled meetings.

Tier 2:  Includes students who have not attended 60% or more of live sessions the previous week and/or students who did not complete 60% or more of their assignments.

Engagement/Re-engagement Plan:  Attend daily intervention sessions with teacher in addition to regularly scheduled live sessions, Edgenuity assignments, and scheduled meetings. Supervising teacher will notify parents.

Tier 3:  Includes students who have been on Tier 2 for two weeks and are not showing progress as determined by the Supervising Teacher  OR students who have not attended all daily sessions with Supervising Teacher as assigned/required by Tier 2.

Engagement/Re-engagement Plan: Attend daily intervention sessions with teacher in addition to regularly scheduled live sessions, Edgenuity assignments, and scheduled meetings.  Evaluation meeting with LEO administrator. If student does not meet/maintain adequate progress, the school administration will refer student to LUSD Re-engagement Board with a potential return to in person instruction.