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Resigning & Retiring Employees

Resigning from Employment


Individuals resigning from employment with LUSD are required to complete the district Resignation Form.  The school/department administrator shall ensure that the employee who is separating or retiring from LUSD completes an Exit Interview process.


Certificated Employees:

Certificated employees under contract are required to complete the term of their contract prior to resignation. Certificated employees requesting an early release from their respective contract must indicate the reason for the early release and may not be released until a qualified replacement can be hired.  Under Education Code section 44420, the Commission is authorized to suspend a teaching credential for up to one (1) year if it determines that there was not "good cause" for an employee to fail to fulfill a teaching contract for mid-contract year resignations.


Classified Employees:

Classified employees are encouraged to provide at least a two (2) week notice prior to resignation.


Steps to resigning from employment:

  • Submit your district Resignation Form to the Human Resources Department. The form must include an ink signature or a certified digital signature.
  • Schedule a meeting with your site/department Administrator to complete the Exit Interview Form and return all keys, devices, materials, and any other district property.
  • Your final pay warrant will be issued based on your selection from the Exit Interview Form.

Retiring from Employment


Individuals retiring from employment with LUSD are required to submit written notification to the Human Resources Department with the effective date of retirement.


Tips for making a smooth transition into retirement:

  • Make an appointment with CalSTRS or CalPERS prior to submitting your retirement notices to LUSD.
  • Make an appointment with your Payroll/Benefits Specialist to determine your projected health benefits as a retiree in advance of retiring.


Harpreet Bal (Last name: A – G)

Payroll/Benefits Specialist

209-836-7400 ext. 2361


Diana Garcia (Last name: H – Q)

Payroll/Benefits Specialist

209-836-7400 ext. 2350


Latha Kapali (Last name: R – Z)

Payroll/Benefits Specialist

209-836-7400 ext. 2312