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District Transfers

It is the general intent of the District that students attend their school of residence, this is the school that serves the attendance area in which they reside. However, the District also supports the concept of school choice within the limitations of space availability.


There are three processes by which a parent may request approval to attend a school other than their school of residence. INTRA-district transfer requests - a student who lives in the Lammersville Unified School District (LUSD) boundaries, but desires to attend a school other than their school of residence.  INTER-district transfer requests - students who live outside of the LUSD boundaries (Tracy, Manteca, Stockton, Livermore, etc.) and the student desires to attend a school in the LUSD.  INTER-district transfer OUT of Lammersville Unified School District requests - students who live within our boundaries and want to transfer to another district outside of our district.



For additional information on INTRA and INTER-district student transfers, contact April Birtola at the District Office at (209) 836-7400 ext.2020 or via email [email protected].