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Welcome to the Digital Citizenship and Safety. This section is designed for families of LUSD to learn how they can help create a safe and positive experience online. By reading, watching videos, and doing activities, you’ll learn how to integrate Digital Citizenship and Safety activities into your classroom curriculum.


 We know the value of good citizenship in the classroom and school community. Because people spend so much time online, it is important to teach students how to stay safe on the web. In order to become good and responsible digital citizens, students need to practice critical thinking, learn how to protect their information, and have good privacy habits.


The proper use of technology helps students learn better, and as a whole it enables them to function better. We believe this program is an important step towards ensuring that all students learn, explore, and have a positive experience online.


You can visit Google Digital Citizenship and Safety Course for tips, tricks, and have a better understanding.

Mission: To lead, develop, and support educational technologists and organizations to foster student success.

The California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA) is an association of Educational Technology Professionals (technologists) within the State of California. Founded in 1960 as the California Educational Data Processing Association (CEDPA), the major emphasis of the association's activities are directed towards improving Administrative Information Processing in public education within the State of California and to prepare its membership to better meet and support the technological needs of the Instructional Program.


Core Values

Leadership – We believe that technology leadership is essential.

Advocacy – We believe Advocacy facilitates and accelerates change.

Learning – We believe technology can enhance learning. Learning is ongoing and lasts a lifetime.

Community – We believe a strong community enables the abilities of all of its members. There exists in our community the talent to solve any problem.


CETPA is a California non-profit 501(c)6 organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Our Board of Directors are elected by ballot at the association's Annual Conference.


One of the our goals is to promote the integration of instructional and administrative technology in school agencies. We also function as a conduit of information between the California Department of Education (CDE) and local agencies. Our association disseminates information to its membership by:

  • Updates posted on this website,
  • The association's publication, "The EdTech Journal,"
  • Online communities and mailing lists,
  • Sponsoring Regional Group meetings in various statewide locations;
  • Strategic partnerships, and 
  • Our annual conference each November.

By providing pertinent information to our members in a timely manner, we're able to support  educational technologists to better meet and support technological demands placed upon them by their respective educational agencies, in both the instructional and administrative arenas.

Are you and your students practicing digital citizenship? Learn what it is and why it matters.
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