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The Lammersville Unified School District employs a proactive, restorative, and forward-thinking approach to address inappropriate student behavior. Before any undesired behavior manifests, our schools utilize Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports to proactively prevent such behavior. In instances where undesired behavior does occur, LUSD schools implement restorative practices to effectively manage and resolve conflicts and behavioral issues. These practices center on repairing harm, nurturing relationships, and cultivating a strong sense of community.
In cases where restorative practices prove ineffective or when the undesired behavior is severe and threatens the safety of others, students are referred to the administration for disciplinary action. The following list provides examples of infractions that necessitate an immediate administrative referral:
  • Physical altercations
  • Actions causing harm to oneself and/or others
  • Harassment (both verbal and physical)
  • Vulgarity, obscenity, or profanity
  • Offensive racial remarks
  • Extreme defiance of authority
  • Defacement of school or personal property
  • Theft or cheating
Students referred to the administration for disciplinary action are managed by either the principal or vice-principal. Typically, these referrals occur when a student is sent to the office with an Administrator Referral. Consequences are determined in accordance with school discipline policies and Education Code regulations.

Definitions of consequences are below:
Detention – Detention assigned by Teacher, Principal or Assistant Principal within the detention guidelines, as explained by the assigning administrator.
In-house Suspension/ Reflection Room – The student is excluded from class and spends the day in a designated area supervised by the administration, completing class work assigned by the teacher.
XXI. Suspension and Expulsion
Suspension – In accordance with Education Code 48900, a student is excluded from school and school activities. The student may not return to regular attendance or the school campus until the total number of suspension days has been completed.

Recommendation for Expulsion – Due to the severity of a behavior, and in accordance with Education Code 48900, a student may be recommended for expulsion from school. If expulsion is ruled, the student may not attend any school in the district for a determined period of time.
For complete overview of school policies, please review the below handbooks:  
Review the below Board Policies for a complete overview of the Suspension & Expulsion Due Process.