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Science Camp

Nestled amid the picturesque landscapes of California's wilderness, the science camp program stands as a beacon of experiential education, igniting a passion for science within young minds. Lammersville Unified School District offers this residential academic initiative for all 5th grade students.  Science camp goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries, immersing students in the awe-inspiring wonders of the natural world. Through meticulously crafted hands-on experiences in the outdoor classroom, participants embark on a transformative journey that transcends textbooks and lectures. This program is not merely about acquiring knowledge; it is a holistic approach that nurtures individual and group growth. As students engage in a myriad of activities, they cultivate a profound appreciation for nature, bolster their science literacy, embrace stewardship, and undergo character development that extends far beyond the camp's confines. The Lammersville Unified School District's science camp program stands as a testament to the district's commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals with a deep-rooted connection to the world around them.
Lammersville Unified School District sends their schools to one of two science camp facilities:  
At Sky Mountain Outdoor Education Center, we create life changing experiences in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Here, our classrooms are the forests, the waters edge, and the inside of a snowbank. Via this one of a kind classroom, our passionate naturalists facilitate hands-on, student centered, inquiry based learning as we deliver curriculum aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and the CA Environmental Principles and Concepts and informed by Social Emotional Learning Practices.
Phenomena based learning will change dynamically with the seasons, as we focus our inquiry and investigations on the natural world around us. Lessons and content will be grade level tailored and will focus on ice and snow, the night sky, local flora and fauna, weather and elements, our local river, reservoir and hydroelectric dam and watershed, local fire scars and more. Activities will be tailored to these phenomena again determined by weather and season.
a Mount Hermon's outdoor science camp program located at the Redwood Camp Campus is in the heart of the redwood forest.  In all of our classes, we engage in critical thinking, verbalizing evidence, and experiencing information through our relationship-based Naturalist-centered program. Our curriculum is designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards for 5th and 6th grades. Our outstanding field guide is given to every student and each teacher who participates in our program.  For decades, our Outdoor Science School has reconnected students with the natural world while teaching solid science fundamentals. Our aim is to provide a loving environment where students can be themselves, and grow in the areas of Stewardship, Character, Wonder of Nature, and Science Literacy; all while exploring all that our unique setting has to offer— creek exploration, redwood groves, sand hills, pool play, and adventure activities.
Each school attends science camp for several days, and are lead by professional outdoor educators.  5th grade teachers attend camp with the students.  In addition, we partner with Mountain House High School students who volunteer their time during science camp to be cabin leaders.  Science camp costs are paid for through fundraising and direct donations made by parents.  If you have questions about you school's science camp, we encourage you to reach out to your school site administration, or you child's 5th grade teacher.
Dates for science camp 2023-2024 are as follows:
Altamont 10/11-10/13 Sky Mountain
Bethany 3/18-3/22 Mount Hermon
Cordes 2/6 -2/9 Mount Hermon
Costa 2/6-2/8 Sky Mountain
Hansen 1/23-1/25 Sky Mountain
Lammersville 10/11-10/13 Sky Mountain
Questa 4/3-4/5 Sky Mountain
Wicklund 12/4-12/8 Mount Hermon