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Welcome to the Lammersville Unified School District Parent Education webpage, your dedicated hub for valuable resources and information designed to empower parents in supporting their child's educational journey within our school district. Here, you'll find a wealth of resources, from educational materials to information about upcoming meetings and events. Our goal is to foster a strong partnership between parents and the school district, creating a network of informed and engaged parents. By accessing this page, you'll discover insights into your child's academic experience, enabling you to play an active role in their educational success. Join us in building a community where parents are integral partners in the educational process, working hand in hand with Lammersville Unified to provide the best possible learning environment for every child.
Come join in our  series of presentations and workshops for parents aimed at informing parents how they can assist their children to be good digital citizens in our technology rich school district and world.
Presentation Resources and Archive
Full Length Film from AT&T about Cyberbullying: